About GNOME.Asia

Previous GNOME.Asia Summits

  • 2011 Bangalore, India
  • 2010 Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2009 Ho Chi Minh City,  Vietnam
  • 2008 Beijing,  China


About GNOME.Asia Summit

GNOME.Asia Summit is Asia’s GNOME user and developer conference, spreading the knowledge of GNOME across Asia. The conference will be held in Hong Kong on June 9th and 10th.

The event focuses primarily on the GNOME desktop and other devices that use GNOME, and also covers GNOME-based applications and GNOME development platform tools. It brings together the GNOME community in Asia to provide a forum for users, developers, foundation leaders, governments and businesses to discuss both the present technologies and future developments.

GNOME.Asia 2012 Summit follows the release of GNOME 3.4, helping to bring new desktop paradigms that facilitate user interaction in the computing world.  It will be a great place to celebrate and explore the many new features and enhancements to the groundbreaking GNOME 3 release and to help make GNOME as successful as possible.

This will be the sixth edition of the GNOME.Asia Summit. In previous years GNOME.Asia Summit has been held in Beijing, China in 2008 and Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam in 2009, cohosted with COSCUP Taipei, Taiwan in 2010 and Bangalore, India in 2011.

About GNOME.Asia Committee

The GNOME.Asia Committee was established in 2008 by a group of GNOME advocates living in Asia. The committee members organize the GNOME.Asia Summit every year in order to promote GNOME technology among different segments and grow GNOME communities in Asia.

The committee also manage different projects in order to contribute to the GNOME project especially in Asian countries. And every year, we strive to attract new members from different corner of Asia to establish local GNOME User Groups and join our committee.

History of GNOME.Asia Summit

GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) attracted 1465 developers, students, business professionals and government officials establishing Vietnam as one of the top spots for the Free and Open Source community and businesses. In total 14 countries, 79 speakers with 34 from outside of Vietnam, 109 talks, presentations were held.

GNOME.Asia Summit 2010, co-organized with COSCUP, was a full two-day conference with over 60 presentations and speakers coming from places all over the world such as China, Philippines, Japan, India, USA, France, Spain, Germany and of course Taiwan. The BOFs and lightning talks helped to bring the conference to a new level. A total of 977 participants, 25 sponsors, 20 news outlets, 10 exhibitors (including communities) supported the event.

GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 was held in India just before the launch of GNOME 3.0. There were 40 presentations and lightning talks from 30 speakers coming as far as Canada, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden. Of course Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, the Philippines and India were well represented too. About a thousand participants attended the event with 15 sponsors and partners.