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The GNOME.Asia 2012 is calling for papers. GNOME.Asia Summit is Asia’s GNOME user and developer conference, spreading the knowledge of GNOME across Asia. The conference will be held in Hong Kong on June 9th and 10th.  The conference follows the release of GNOME 3.4, helping to bring new desktop paradigms that facilitate user interaction in the computing world.  It will be a great place to celebrate and explore the many new features and enhancements to the groundbreaking GNOME 3 release and to help make GNOME as successful as possible. Offical Document of Call For Papers can be found at here (PDF).

Possible topics include, but not limited to

  1. How to Promote/Contribute to GNOME in Asia.
    • GNOME Marketing
    • Promotion of Free and Open Source software
    • How to run a local GNOME User Group
    • Asia success stories / Local GNOME projects
    • GNOME and education
    • GNOME Outreach Program for Women
    • Google Summer of Code
  2. Hacking GNOME.
    • Latest developments in GNOME
    • GNOME 3 & GNOME 3 Usability
    • GNOME Human Interface Engineering (Icons and graphic design)
    • BugSquading in GNOME
    • GNOME Accessibility
    • GNOME 3 Coding how-to
  3. Adapting GNOME to New Types of Devices.
    • Develop GNOME on mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc)
    • Ongoing projects, success stories
    • Finding FOSS friendly hardware manufacturers
  4. Localization & Internationalization.
    • Translations
    • Input methods
    • Fonts
  5. Other topics.
    • Any free and open source related topic which is relevant to GNOME but not listed above is still welcome. Your participation can help us make the conference better!
  6. Lightning talks.
    • (5-mins) (Reservation and on-site application are both accepted.)

A standard session at GNOME.Asia 2012 will be scheduled as 25mins talk + 5 mins Q&A. Please take into consideration any time you will need for preparation. The session could be a technical talk, panel discussion, or BOF.

The deadlines:

  • Submission: April 20th, 2012.
  • Notification of Acceptance: April 27th, 2012.


  • Conference Date: June 9th-10th, 2012.

Let's submit a talk in the following web form.